using PipeCandy's exclusive eCommerce & DTC data sets & predictive analytics models.

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                  Do a market analysis of emerging segments within the D2C space. Understand segment-specific dynamics that impact incumbent and emerging D2C brands.


                  Build your business case: Get accurate answers about eCommerce market size, category-specific total addressable market estimates & data-driven insights about eCommerce market trends.


                  Discover 'yet to be popular' D2C brands. Find 50+ insights on 10000+ D2C brands. Track D2C specific nuances like pop-up store presence, micro-niche they target etc.


                  40+ insights on hundreds of thousands of eCommerce companies - Traffic, Tech Used, Revenue, Order volume, Shipping, Omnichannel presence insights and more.

                  Predictive Analytics

                  Predict the growth and decline of D2C brands. Understand which categories are likely to trend. Build your own live indices about segments and track who is buzzing.

                  Predictive Analytics

                  Predict which eCommerce companies are growing or declining. Identify the right fit eCommerce companies and discover if they have the intent to buy from you.

                  How our customers use PipeCandy

                  Discover target eCommerce companies in the US & Europe for a large division within Microsoft. Build lists based on revenue growth & investments made in specific kinds of tech.

                  Assembled Brands uses PipeCandy's insights to provide rapid financing, business insights and an unrivaled network to rapidly growing consumer brands.

                  Across EU & Asia, PipeCandy discovers ideal fit eCommerce leads for DHL by applying an ensemble of models that do predictive lead scoring for DHL-specific contexts.

                  Brex, one of the fastest companies to reach over $1B in valuation. Uses PipeCandy to discover eCommerce companies that are growing and use a combination of technologies.

                  Uses PipeCandy's research services to assess the market potential and to validate some of the hypotheses they have framed about specific eCommerce categories.

                  Uses PipeCandy's data to form a thesis about the long tail eCommerce websites and specifically about the potential for growth for Shopify users.

                  I want to find out if PipeCandy is a good fit for us

                  Discover the right eCommerce and Direct-to-Consumer leads. It only takes 10 minutes!

                  Insights & Predictions based on unique eCommerce & brand data sets

                  'Out of the box' Insights on online retailers & DTC brands

                  Firmographic Insights

                  Company name, Website, Social Handles, Employee count & more

                  Business Model Insights

                  SKU category, Proprietory SKU sub-category classification, SKU count, Brand Strategy

                  Tech Insights

                  eCommerce specific technologies identified & classified

                  Traffic Insights

                  Proprietary traffic rank built for eCommerce, Monthly visits and Unique visitors

                  Shipping Insights

                  Delivery time, Shipping & Returns policies, Shipping carrier relationships

                  Custom Business Insights »

                  Any feature, policy or business model insight that you want to track

                  Solutions - Data, Insights, Reports & Predictions for different contexts

                  For Logistics Companies

                  Find which eCommerce lead works with which shipper & how much they ship.

                  For Tech Companies

                  Find eCommerce leads at scale or know the intent of the select few that you care about.

                  For Banks & Insurers

                  Find the right eCommerce merchants to acquire for your lending and insurance products!

                  For Tech & Marketing Agencies

                  Find eCommerce companies by how well theyve invested in their marketing & tech stacks.

                  For Retailers

                  eCommerce & DTC brand data-sets to power corp strat, new product & merchandising decisions.

                  For CPG & Fashion Companies

                  Data & Insights on DTC brands, Digitally native vertical brands & specialty retailers you should be aware of.

                  For Hedge Funds & Public Market Investors

                  Alternative data sets & customized analytical insights about public eCommerce & digital stocks.

                  For Private Equity and Venture Capital Investors

                  Find hot early & growth stage eCommerce startups. Benchmark their business metrics.

                  Our platform, research & insights have been featured in

                  eCommerce Market Research powered by PipeCandy's insights

                  Analysis of the Shopify App Store

                  A comprehensive research on the Shopify App store and its apps. This report comes with a dataset of user satisfaction scores for support

                  The Different Playbooks of Direct-to-Consumer brands

                  The different playbooks a brand takes on its path to become direct-to-consumer and scale to their IPO.

                  Global eCommerce Market Size Report

                  The most comprehensive research ever done on global eCommerce market size, reported by online revenue segments. Includes commentary on Amazon's impact on US eCommerce.

                  Industry Analysis of DTC Fashion Brands

                  This report gives a detailed breakdown of the different segments of the Direct-to-Consumer fashion industry and the total addressable market.

                  UK eCommerce Market Size Report

                  In this report, we break down the United Kingdom's market size by web sales, product category, and shopping cart. Includes commentary on the impact of Brexit.

                  Instagram eCommerce - The Fashion Zeitgeist

                  Diving deep into Instagram's evolution as a new eCommerce platform, this extensive report highlights the new trends and shake-ups in its wake.

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                  Pipecandy helped us with market analysis reports and mining leads for our products. They are super invested and are always at hand to help out with any queries we have.

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                  I am evaluating some tools. Can you show me a demo?

                  Of course! We can also help you with some unbiased insights for your evaluation.

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