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                  Colleen provides data and analysis to inform the evolution of museums, zoos, aquariums, performing arts entities, and other visitor-serving organizations. The aim? To help organizations optimize mission execution and financial sustainability.

                  Data & Analysis

                  Dive into data on audience perceptions and behaviors.


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                  Strap on your thinking cap and explore professional analyses and insights.


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                  Watch and share short videos on urgent industry trends.



                  I am the publisher of this website and the Chief Market Engagement Officer at IMPACTS Research & Development, a data and technology company. At IMPACTS, I work with executive decision-makerswhoare responsible for ensuring the long-term relevance and financial success of their mission-driven organizations. Im a curious, camp counselor-type – and I have a thing for cultural centers.

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                  EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP

                  Insight on leadership trends impacting executive decision-makers within cultural organizations

                  BUSINESS INSIGHTS

                  Data on audiences motivations and behaviors, and findings impacting financial health


                  How to increase reputation in order to effectively drive attendance

                  NEW AUDIENCES

                  Research to aid in effectively engaging new and diverse audiences

                  VISITOR EXPERIENCE

                  How to increase onsite satisfaction to motivate revisitation and mission execution

                  FUNDRAISING & MEMBERSHIP

                  Data and analysis to aid in and satisfying members and philanthropic supporters

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